Auto Detailing Services


“Remember, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”                                                                                                                                                                                  – Ben Franklin

Whether it is interior or exterior detailing our team of certified, award winning auto detailing professionals can get the job done right the first time! Our unbeatable attention to detail and decades of experience in the industry makes our team at Auto Image uniquely qualified to get your car into the best shape of its life. Please take time to browse our full list of services or give us a call at 847.304.4333 to inquire about pricing or if you have specific questions.


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Auto Detailing at its finest!

We don’t cut corners, we clean them.  Correct interior cleaning takes a lot more time than you would think.

Interior Detailing

$200+ (3.5 hours maximum)

  • Exterior Hand Wash including wheels
  • Vacuum Carpets/Mats and Shampoo
  • Wipe Down Interior Door Panels, Seats and Center Console
  • Brushing and Dusting of vents and crevices
  • Clean Headliner
  • Clean Windows Inside/Outside


*Excessive mess and dog hair will effect prices

Interior Detail Plus +

$200-325 (5 hours maximum)

  • Exterior Bathe Package
  • Door Jambs Degreased and cleaned
  • Dress Tires
  • Deep Vacuum and air purge on passenger cabin interior and trunk
  • Pre-spot, shampoo and extraction of carpets and fabrics
  • Clean Seats, Panels and pockets
  • Clean and Q-Tip Vents & Center Console

-Condition interior surfaces using Dr. Beasley’s Leather Cream and Leather Lock products

-Clean and polish all interior and exterior glass including edges


*Excessive dog hair WILL require additional charges*

Interior Detail Premium

Starting at $250+ (minimum 5 hours)

*This package is intended for extremely dirty vehicles*

  • Full Hand Wash Package
  • Clean and Condition Door Panels, Steering Wheel & Dashboard
  • Steam Clean Seats – Remove Seats for Thorough Cleaning
  • Clean and Polish Wood/Chrome
  • Wipe Down and Brush all Buttons, Switches & Air Vents
  • Clean and Polish all Windows and Mirrors
  • Dry-Clean Headliner

*Odor Removal is offered but not guaranteed based on vehicles condition

**We ‘DO NOT’ clean vomit or other human wastes**

Exterior Paint Correction Services

In our full exterior paint correction services we work one-on-one with our customers to ensure that we are providing them with the correction level that is desired. Each exterior package is formulated on the amount of time for the overall preparation of the vehicle as well as achieving the correction level that is agreed upon during our consultation. Ranging from removing scratches and scuffs to our showroom detail we are confident that you will be fully pleased with the final outcome.

Exterior Maintenance Detailing

$185 ( 3 hours )

50% Paint Work Correction (Light Scratches & Scuffs)

– Full Hand Wash Prep Package

– De-Tar and De-Bug Full Exterior

– Iron Filings and Contaminants Cleaning

– Clay Bar Total Exterior

– One Step Paint Correction

– One coat of wax applied

– Exterior Plastic Moldings conditioned

– Interior Vacuuming and Floor Mat Cleaning

– Light Wipe Down of Interior Dash and Console

– Clean and Polish Interior and Exterior Windows

Exterior Maintenance Detail Plus +

$250+ ( 4 hours )

50%-75% Paint Work Correction (Swirls & Paint Defects)

– Full Hand Wash Package

– DeBug and Remove Tar

– Iron Filings Decontamination

– Clay Bar Total Exterior

– Two Step Exterior  Paint Correction and Polish

– Dress and Condition Exterior Trim and Door Moldings

– Application of Sealant or Wax

– Clean and Polish Exterior Glass

– Clean and Polish Chrome Exterior of Tailpipes

– Vacuum Interior & Trunk

– Light Interior Dash and Center Console Wipe Down

Exterior Correction Detail Premium

Starting at $600 (minimum 6 hours)

75%-99% Paint Work Correction (Full Paint Work Reconditioning)

– Full Hand Wash Prep Package

– DeBug and Remove Tar

– Iron Filings and Contaminants Cleaning

– Degrease and Steam Clean Door Jambs

– Clay Bar Total Exterior

– 3 Step Exterior Paint Correction Service

– High Speed Rotary Polish only as needed (paint thickness readings required before services are performed)

– Rupes Polish for no swirls or holograms, guaranteed!

– Clean Engine Compartment and Underside of Hood accordingly (must sign waiver)

– Steam Clean Inside of Wheel Wells

– Rims and Barrels Cleaned and Polished (removal required)

– Brake Calipers Cleaned

– Tires Cleaned, Dressed and Buffed to a Light Sheen

– Dress and Condition Exterior Trim and Moldings

– Application of Sealant

– Clean and Polish Exterior Glass and Chrome

– Deep Vacuum Interior & Trunk

– Shampoo Carpeted or Dress Rubber Floor Mats

– Interior Wipe Down of Dash and Center Console

*This Exterior Package is recommended for customers who are interested in one of our Protective Ceramic Paint Coatings*

 Full Detail Packages

Any A-La-Carte combination of any interior or exterior package of your choice can be done.

Full Detail                                                           Full Detail Plus +                                       Full Detail Premium

$295 (generally takes 6-7 hours)                         $365 (maximum 8-9 hours)                        Starting at $690 (1-2 days)

-Vehicles must be dropped off by 9:00a.m.       -Vehicle must be dropped off the

                                                                             night before appointment by 6:00p.m.

*Does not include engine detailing.

The Ultimate Hand Wash Package

We are an Automotive Detailing Shop that offers Hand Car Washes, not an Automatic Car Wash that offers Auto Detailing.

‘This is the Best Hand Job in Town’



-Throughly rinse vehicle

-Prep soak with Snow Foam from CarPro

-IronX decontaminate exterior surfaces

-DeBug front bumper and mirrors of vehicle

-Degrease lower rocker panel areas for tar and general road grime

-Slowly hand wash with fresh ‘MicroFiber Madness’ IncrediSponge

-Steam clean door jambs & wheel wells

-Iron X rims and clean and dress tires

-Clean tailpipes

-Clean and polish windows inside and outside including roll down window edges

-Deep vacuum interior, floor mats and trunk/ lightly spot clean as needed


*Notice to customers, auto detailing prices can/will fluctuate depending on the size, age and overall condition of each vehicle*