Modesta Paint Coatings are a highly unique clear hard glass layer for automotive paints with a durability of up to 10 years if cared for properly! Modesta Coatings protect your vehicle’s paint from all kinds of damage; including wash-induced swirls, light scratches, UV oxidation, tree sap, bird droppings, salts, acids and even permanent ink and paints.

The Liquid Glass Coating encases your car in a shield of extremely durable and hard glass. The Advanced Water-repellent Glass Coating can even be applied to the most advanced and sophisticated paint systems, such as Nissan Scratch Shield, Lexus’ self-restoring coat and Mercedes ceramic paint.

Modesta will reduce the cost and time associated with maintaining the exterior, eliminating oxidation & fading of the paint before it begins to decrease the resale value.

Modesta is the most Advanced Liquid Glass & Protective Paint Coating available in the car care market today. 
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Protective Sealants Overview: 

Pure Glass Coating (BC-03) – Extremely durable and hard glass coating that reflects light with specific wavelengths, producing an instant luminous shine and gloss. Delivers state of the art water repellency and scratch protection. Perfect for lighter colored vehicles.

bc 03 modesta

Nano-Titanium Glass Coating (BC-04) – Creates a deep shine and spectacular reflections on todays automotive paints. The hard protective layer delivers advanced protection against wear and aging of today’s darker colored vehicle’s and their clear coats.

bc 04

Advanced Water-repellent Glass Coating (BC-05) – The Flagship coating of the Modesta coatings range. Based on a three-dimensional molecular frame, it forms a highly durable clear glass coat with strong water-repelling effects on the paint and produces a very unique “candy-like” gloss.

modesta bc 05


Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating for Wheels, Brake Calipers, Tail Pipes and body (BC-06) – A hard glass coating with a tight molecular structure that which creates long-lasting protection and is resistant against heat of up to 1,300* Celsius. It is thus especially efficient at protecting wheels from burning hot brake dust and fancy tail pipes from emissions catalyst.

modesta private label


Exterior painted surfaces only: Up to 10 year lifespan BC-03, BC-04, BC-05 $1795.00

Complete vehicle coverage including entire wheels and brake calipers, door jambs and all glass: $2250.00*

BC-06 for wheels, calipers and tailpipes only: $595.00

BC-08: 3 year lifespan starting at $650.00 for coupe and sedan cars or $750.00 SUV’s and Oversized vehicles.

BC-M: 3-4 year lifespan for Matte finish paint jobs and paint protection film. Starting at $795.00

BCX: 5 year lifespan **Coming March 2023**

PD Private Label: $ Please call about prices*

*Paintwork correction services are not included in listed prices.

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