XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film

XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film, Ultimate 10, Ultimate Fusion+ and STEALTH is the worlds next generation of paint protection for your vehicle. Being virtually invisible, this is the industry’s most durable film that aids in blocking unsightly damage from your vehicles exterior. Providing the best stain resistance, clarity and self-healing properties, XPEL is designed to protect your vehicle against rocks, tree sap, gravel, salt, bug acids, oils and bird droppings. Backed by a 10-year warranty this is the ultimate protection for those who place a true value on their vehicle.

Advanced elastomeric polymers prevent the films clear coat from discoloring from UV A/B radiation and environment contamination deposits. XPEL Ultimate Plus’s self healing abilities will eliminate swirl marks and light scratches can occur through daily driving usage and ordinary washing and drying.

To learn more about XPEL Ultimate visit their website. www.xpel.com” title=”xpel.com”>xpel.com


Few brands are 100% committed to protecting your automobile like XPEL is. They focus all of their resources, time, human capital, and research in developing some of the most innovative automobile survival protection products in the market. XPEL holds the highest quality standards throughout the entire production process, from marketing to design to distribution. All of this has made XPEL the most recognized name and leader in the automobile protection industry.


Paint protection films are clear or colored polyurethane films that are applied to vehicles to protect them from scratches, nicks and chips and even swirls caused by road debris, rocks, bug splatter and bird droppings along with other environmental elements.


XPEL’s entire line of films are hand drawn, measured, and tested manually. Their ULTIMATE line uses special elastomeric polymer technology that allows the film to HEAL ITSELF from scratches or swirl marks in a matter of minutes. They have developed the Design Access Program (DAP) Software to provide the most customizable and precise coverage in the industry. This allows Auto Image to offer products that fit the needs of their customers while eliminating unnecessary waste. All of our workmanship is backed by a ten year manufacturer’s warranty and our personalguarantee.

ATTENTION: An appointment and $250.00 Deposit is required for all Paint Protection Film Installations


Each vehicle is subject to a prepping charge of $200.00 unless otherwise specified. This is based as per each vehicles individual needs.

Partial Front Coverage Kit (includes 1/3 of Hood, 1/3 of Fenders, Front of Mirrors and Full Front Bumper) $895.00 and up.

Full Frontal Coverage Kit (includes Full Hood, Full Front Fenders, Full Front Bumper and Mirrors with wrapped edges) $1895.00-2400.00

Entire Vehicle Coverage Kits start at $6800.00 and up.

*Vehicle installation may increase costs on some vehicles depending on their complexity and condition.

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